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Our long-time partner: BVL International

BVL International organizes every two years within the scope of transport logistic three forums on current topics and supports transport logistic as the leading exhibition for the logistics industry.

Generating value, creating knowledge—BVL International

The open network of BVL International brings together experts and leaders from several professional fields such as production, trade, service, science and politics. Its main focus is the advance of Supply Chain-Management (SCM) application and development through an extensive exchange of knowledge and experience.

BVL hosts conferences and expert forums as well as free-of-charge events organized by its chapters around the world. Flagships include the International Supply Chain Conference and the Forum Automotive Logistics in cooperation with the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA). To further boost awareness of logistics and SCM in the public eye, BVL also initiated the “Supply Chain Day”.

BVL is an active community whose members strive to broaden their professional horizon beyond their defined circles, thus creating effective communication in a globalized economy. As a non-profit organization, BVL acts objectively and independently without promoting any particular interests in the political or economic discourse, but strives to actively address any issues of logistics and supply chain management as a whole

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